Portrush Waste Water Treatment Works 2006-07

A new waste water treatment works for the north coast, necessitated the driving of piles as the site had varying depths of peat overlaying rock.

This made selecting a piling system more difficult as the toe of the pile had to be able to penetrate and key into the rock head to give the pile toe fixity. This enabled a short pile to be structurally stable. Our DCI system was chosen over ODEX as it created no spoil after initial trial piling to prove the piles ability to penetrate the rock.

  • 360 No 118mm piles to 600kn SWL
  • Job phased to contractors requirements
  • Piles 2-9m in length
  • Piles driven close to new structures
  • Main contractor - Grahams Construction
  • Engineer - Scott Wilson


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