External facade repairs to school buildings involving Helifix Cemtie installation.

We were tasked with providing a means of re attaching decorative quoins  onto existing concrete columns.  The original fixings had decayed leaving the quoins in a hazardous position to persons & vehicles below.  The original scheme was to remove each individual quoin down to ground level and re-attached with retro fit wall ties.  Some of the repair areas were in difficult to reach locations and take down a re-build would have been very slow and potentially dangerous.

Temporary metal strapping had been used but this was unsightly and the client wanted a system which would support the quoins and would alter the look of the structure.

We installed 238nr stainless steel Helifix CemTies 200mm long through the existing quoins and into the reinforced concrete columns.

The project was completed in three days with the repairs being barely visible to the eye allowing the removal of the temporary metal support straps.  The cost of the works was approximately 75% of the original take down and re-build option.