Mini piling for utilities/infrastructure by Lagan Construction - installation of support for manholes

Upgrade works at Lisnaskea WWTW required the construction of 2 new manholes in close proximity to near by structures.  This work was to be carried out in two small areas. As such a low vibration pile was required using a small rig. The required pile load was 300kN with pile testing to be carried out for each manhole.

Larsen offered the use of 219mm bottom driven mini piles with their Vermeer rig using a 1Ton hammer to ensure the required 300kN SWL was readily achieved. Vibration monitoring was carried out at all times while Larsen were carring out the works. Pile testing was also carried out after 5 days to prove the required SWL with a FoS of 2.0 was achieved.

        6 No 219mm bottom driven mini piles

        Piles from 7-8m in length

        300kn SWL

        2 Case Tests

        Vibration Monitoring at all times

        Low weight compact rig

        Engineer - Atkins

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