Fast Track Installation - Ductile iron piles installed with minimal interruption to rail and road traffic near existing structures.

Client: Translink

Main Contractor: FP McCann

Engineer : URS Scott Wilson

Larsen Foundations installed low vibration ductile piles close to a railway bridge and existing stone wall near Lisburn, Co. Antrim.

Use of the zero tail swing excavator with the ductile iron piling system enabled the main contractor and client to minimise the need for rail or road traffic disruption with no spoil.

Larsen successfully completed works to meet programme, sound and vibration requirements.

Larsen had to install piles to within 500mm of the abutments of the existing road underpass to meet the engineer’s specification.

The practical approach applied by Larsen to solving problems enabled the slab to be poured on the day pile testing was completed.

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