Pipe Base Underpinning in North Antrim, Northern Ireland

We were approached by a structural engineer to design an underpinning scheme to support subsiding column bases that were founded on material with poor load bearing capacity.

The pads were used to support columns on which sat a series of highly sensitive aluminium pipes providing fluids to the main factory.

It was essential that the underpinning scheme did nothing to damage the existing bases or pipes as the pipes were to remain in service during the underpinning works.

Bearing the site parameters in mind we devised a pin pile underpinning solution.  125mm diameter holes were cored through the bases at the corners facilitating the installation of 105mm dia low vibration mini piles.  Small pile caps were created at each location beneath the bases; the sides of the cores were scabbled and painted with Larsen Epoxy Bond to ensure a good key.  The piles, pile head and cored area were filled with a 50N Larsen Non-Shrink Grout to form a homogenous unit supporting the bases at each corner.

In total 4 bases were underpinned in five working days and the pipes remained operational throughout the underpinning works. No damage was caused to the pipes or the sensitive equipment in the surrounding area.

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