Water Tanks - Inisheer (Aran Islands, Galway Bay) - May 2005

A water storage project on Inisheer, the smallest of the Aran islands, in Galway Bay required piling. All piles, along with our piling rig had to be transported to the island on a relatively small car ferry. Despite the obvious problems this presented the pile loads required were up to 1000kN and the pile toe had to be driven into rock to give end fixity. Our DCI pile was selected by the client Galway Country Council as our relatively lightweight rig was able to meet the loads required and was fully transportable on the ferry.

  • 76 No 180mm DCI Piles
  • Piles 9-10m long
  • Up to 1000kN SWL
  • 2 Case tests
  • Zero Spoil
  • Light weight piling rig and piles
  • Client & Engineer - Galway County Council
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