Foot Bridge At Comber Greenway - August 2008

A walkway from Comber to Dundonald crossed a river, requiring a bridge with piled foundations. Access was hampered by old bridges with limited loadings, by overhead cabling and gas pipelines less that 1.5m to one of the bases to be piled. The gas pipeline, coupled with the river being in a flood condition, dictated that a low vibration, zero spoil technique was required as nothing was permitted to spill into the river.

All piling works, including filling piles with concrete in a single day.

  • 8 No 118mm Piles
  • 17-19m long piles set into rock
  • Up to 400kn SWL
  • 2 Case Tests
  • No spoil
  • No wasted pile cut off generated
  • Main Contractor -Rodgers Contracts
  • Engineers - DRD(NI) Roads Service
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