The Boat - Belfast

Employed by Quinn Piling to place piles in close proximity to a listed structure (the Lifeboat Bar), behind an installed CFA wall. Also to replace some CFA piles that were obstructed on dykes. The site had already been excavated to 1.5m below road level so access was difficult and piles exposed. Our compact, manoeuvrable rigs enabled us to complete this otherwise inaccessible site.

  • 29No 118mm piles to 400kn SWL
  • Piles up to 40m long
  • Piles driven 500mm from listed building in poor structural condition
  • 2 Case tests
  • 2 CapWap analysis
  • Vibration monitoring was carried out at all times to a PPV of 5mm/s using our Alarmed Vibration Monitors
  • Difficult site conditions
  • Main contractor - P. Elliott
  • Engineer - Ian Black Consulting
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